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wash and dry SD card

In this little How-To, I share my experience laundering a 16 gigabyte SanDisk secure digital (SD) card. The little buggers are 1″ by 1 1/4″, quite flat and capable of storing one hundred and twenty-eight billion bits of information. That number, along with that amount of data are both quite incomprehensible.

How about 16 pickup trucks FULL of books?

That is literally the amount of information can be stored onto this little card. That is to say, there is almost no space between the bits of data on them. A spec of dust could short out any of the circuits therein.

I mention this to provide perspective on the following little tale.

The Easter Egg Chicken Ranch attracted another predator. We found a headless chicken carcass one morning. I returned to locking up the coop at night, opening again every morning. I also set out my game camera that I might get to know my enemy, taking the SD card in to my computer for a review of the night’s harvest.

What my camera captured was a great horned owl at various points in the process of harvesting my predator. She is definitely a welcome part of my team… but I’m still closing and opening the chicken coop overnight.

What I also learned is that a person can forget the SD card in the pocket of their jeans, have the wife wash and dry said pants and still have all the bits and bytes of data that make up game cam photos remain intact. That seems like an impossible feat, but the evidence is all there … and some of it here.

The game camera triggers on movement day or night, following orders programmed into it regarding frequency, sensitivity and such.

To the right I share a daytime photo that shows us much more detail.

The dang SD card came through the laundry with A BUNCH of uncorrupted photographs from both day and night!

And no dirty pictures.