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Showtime: pain gets real

I have been shouting warnings from my little soapbox platforms for 16 years.

Showtime is here.

It is ugly.

People hurt.

People die.

The perpetrators present you with numerous people or circumstances to blame.

Do not be fooled. It is them. It their plan. It is their pleasure. It is their fun and profit.

It is unfortunately easy for me to imagine the pain of parents who got their infant hooked on commercial baby formula only to find their baby’s food source is GONE. No food for your baby.

I cannot imagine worse pain.

The parents, their friends and their families are ready to punish, attack those who created this problem.

Unfortunately, the people responsible are in a position to effectively divert the responsibility. The anger will be misplaced.

Oh how I wish it wouldn’t be so. Something about wishes and fishes jumps into my mind.

Parents who did not understand nature’s miracle of breastfeeding get a piece of the blame. The system designed to confuse them is an obvious target, but many of us escaped that. Those who did not must own some responsibility for that failure.

As our world implodes, the infant formula crisis is simply one piece.

Get ready. More pieces are coming soon to a theater near you.

Who do you hope to blame when you find yourself flatfooted and unprepared?

Please plant yourself in a position other than that.