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72,000,000 donkeys

There are supposedly that many registered Democrats in the USofA.

I have no dog in this fight. I understand that both major parties are simply two wings of the same bird.

It is all theater, but I am unimpressed by the show they put on. Were we in a building, I would walk out. I have better things to do.

In my own way, in this world, I have done exactly that.

“Controlled opposition” is a phrase I favor regarding political posturing as well as well-funded, government-sanctioned media, Faux News included.

When the globalists notice a significant audience escaping, they put one of theirs in front of the parade to gradually, ever-so-gently steer it away from genuine discovery and/or liberty.

The high level of interest and excitement in the new 20,000 Mules release is very much like that.

It is fun to see a few good arrows perforating bits of our enemy forces, but please do not lose your memory of the voting machines and their demonstrated ability to change whatever number of votes they had to in order to shift the show in the direction they wanted it to go.

This fresh expose’ of ballot box stuffing is supposed to get us thinking that prevention of paper ballot fraud would give us honest elections.

Fat Chance

Prosecution, humiliation, or whatever happens to the dang fools involved will be fun to watch, but please do not let the show confuse you.

As long as there are programmable machines counting most of the votes, the programmers get their way.

Regardless of the outcome, good for us is not on the table.

Unless they lose.

Historically unprecedented, but not impossible.

That show is going to be fun to watch.