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Congratulations Graduates

Grocery store fliers arrived in today’s mail.

A major feature this week is a full-page offering of sugar-coated nutrient-deficient white flour creations with variations of messages congratulating kids for surviving more than a decade of regular attendance in government indoctrination centers.

Their marketing phrases it differently, but that is the essence of the message.

Now the ones who performed twelve years’-worth of the required tricks well will be encouraged to endure another four or more until their youthful energy and creativity period has passed.

Perfect system if you want worker bees comfortable with their fetters.

Not so good if you wish to build a healthy society.

Did I ever mention how few regrets I have from dropping out of the university 2 1/2 units shy of a Bachelor Degree in business management?

Turns out my dog simply doesn’t miss my certification at all … and his opinion matters more than most.