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While the majority sold out to their masters, trainers and banksters, there are a surprising number of courageous, bold, stalwart, honorable medical doctors with the same backgrounds, training, financial incentives, choosing to go another way. These are the ones to watch and support.

I am linked to them in a way that gets me updates on their activities and others who are fighting the monster. I share those with you today.

I apologize for the formatting. If I slogged away at it for too much time, I could clean it up. The links are theirs … and I trust them completely … as “with my life” sort of trust. Certainly with The Truth.

– Ted –

“This is Beyond Shocking” – American Frontline Doctors on FDA Approval of Failed Ebola Drug Remdesivir By the FDA for “Treatment” of Covid-19 in Babies

Dear Ted,

A bombshell week.

Fauci admitted that Covid was a ruse in order to CONTROL YOU.

I’ve said this for the last few years, and paid an extremely high price for it. He can say it on CNN, and all is well. No questions asked. This not only shows the hypocrisy and lies, but the great need for AFLDS’ FRONTLINE NEWS website —committed to bringing you the unfiltered and unvarnished truth day in and day out.

And speaking of news, I want to encourage you to visit AFLDS’ FRONTLINE FLASH short news video website.

One of our latest is particularly good and features Dr. Peterson Pierre. It’s called “No Good Reason to Jab Kids.” Here are the 6 reasons not to jab your kids:

1. The Vaccines are Experimental—not FDA approved.
2. The Vaccines are not safe—over 1 million adverse events have been recorded, and over 40,000 deaths…
3. The Vaccines are not effective—they don’t stop Covid and they don’t stop transmission…
4. The Vaccines are not necessary—natural immunity is far safer and more effective…
5. Omnicom is mild…
6. Kids under 18 are 51 times more likely to die from the shot than they are to die from Covid if not vaccinated.

I encourage you to click below to check out FRONT LINE FLASH. This is news you won’t hear anywhere else unless you tune into FRONTLINE FLASH website.

And, what about the phenomena happening across the world of Covid-19 vaxxed athletes falling ill, and some even dying, while competing.

Again, AFLDS’ FRONTLINE FLASH website continues to spells it out while the Main Stream Media continues to be silent and look the other way.

But here is an announcement the Main Stream Media could not ignore: Mask Mandates are banished.
And let me introduce you to the attorney who freed 320 million Americans from the tyranny of lockdowns, my friend George Wentz! Way to go George!
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For Liberty,

Simone Gold, MD, JD
America’s Frontline Doctors
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Dear Friend,

Did you hear? On April 25, 2022, the failed Ebola drug Remdesivir was approved by the FDA for “treatment” of Covid-19 in babies as young as 28 days old and as small as seven pounds! This is the exact same drug that has been wreaking carnage throughout hospitals since Fauci and Company approved the rigid CARES Act hospital protocol, along with bonus payments for treatment of Covid-19 with Remdesivir.

This is beyond shocking. Repeatedly, Remdesivir has been shown to be completely ineffective at treating Covid-19 in adults (even WHO studies show this) and to have severe side effects, including multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), kidney failure and dialysis, and septic shock.

While studies of inexpensive and familiar early treatment meds continue to demonstrate safety and effectiveness, the same cannot be said about Remdesivir. What makes this plot even more sinister, is this failed drug has even been approved for babies and children who are displaying only mild symptoms of Covid-19!

As we at AFLDS have preached for over two years, children and infants are at statistically zero risk of death from Covid-19, and yet they now can legally be treated with what is essentially poison. This is one of the worst decisions of the corrupt FDA.

While the Covid-19 chatter may seem quieter, rest assured that they are far from done pushing this narrative. Now is not the time to become complacent, as they are continuing to create ways to attack our most vulnerable and put our children at grave risk.


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