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If I were King …

Many of us have entertained the fantasy of “If I were in charge”. Yours might be if I were [fill in the blank with King, Emperor, God, etcetera]. Then the bad guys would be hung, drown, disappeared somehow, in many fantasies the exits would be violent and painful that they may check out with a taste of their own medicine, receiving a modicum of what we consider to be justice.

I am now of a mind that the thinning of the herd, while emotionally hard to take, is important for the health of humanity.

The takeover of our education indoctrination system, economic system, media and financial worlds was a very methodical, planned, organized enslavement of the masses, moving the worst of the worst into positions of near-ultimate power.

But who is actually responsible for the poop rising to the top of the brew?

sometimes the “M” is silent

So my Magic Wand Wishes would not actually be good for the health of the herd.

The result would be continued degradation as the sick, the weak, the mentally, spiritually and emotionally deficient became larger and larger proportions of the human population.

They, in turn, continually elevate the sociopaths to greater and loftier positions of power… instead of slapping the psychopaths down early in their development as they justly deserve.

As with everywhere else in nature, the human population needs the predators for the health of the herd. Unfortunately, our predators were clever enough to temper, disguise or hide their lusts and predations well enough that they could build their dream world where their fantasies could be actualized unfettered.

Ready or not, we are about to enter the HARD TIMES part of the cycle.

What role to you intend to play?