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food scarcity programmed for this winter

‘THEY’ are marshaling forces to insure that only the connected and prepared are fed.

Governments around the world are destroying massive amounts of crops and livestock. The excuses vary while the results do not.

Infrastructure is under attack – not coincidentally breaking down.

Oafishul agencies are warning of Possible food shortages Were they honest about it their headlines would read PLANNED food shortages.

The global reset ‘THEY’ have been openly talking about since George Bush I administration has now come up on the guitar. It won’t be just food, but that will certainly be a major challenge for the unprepared, the unsuspecting, the trusting and sleepers.

Here are some headlines with embedded links to help paint the picture – with proactive gems stashed inside.

– Ted –

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Get Ready for the ‘Plate Reset’ – Planned by the Rockefeller Foundation and Executed by the World Economic Forum

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Food Crisis Coming As Processing Plants Blow Up & Gates Buys Farm Land

I did a Brave websearch on the phrase food scarcity for articles in the last month. Topping the list is a laughable denial by the lamestream media presstitutes of CNBC. At first glance, the rest are reasonably honorable.

P.S. I am back from my Utah Motorsports Campus high performance driver education vacation … and the intense activity in preparation for that holiday. I will share more on that later, but suffice it to say, it was everything I had hoped for … plus some. While grossly impractical, we decided I should grab what I considered to be my last chance at this sort of activity that I absolutely love.