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This is your woke up call

I’ve written for years about the loss of institutions, how almost everything has been captured and weaponized. A main focus at Legal Insurrection has been to publicize and chronicle this collapse. If you don’t see the problem, you can’t protect yourself and those around you.
It’s coming at us from every direction, and it seems impossible at times. We are swimming in a sea of media and social media lies. So much of what comes out of mainstream corporate media or big tech is a manipulation.
The lunatics who are running the asylum are not the majority, though they have seized the levers of power.
It’s not just universities, but professional schools as well, including law schools and medical schools. And not just specific institutions, but accreditors like the American Bar Association and leadership institutions like the American Medical Association. They cannot be reformed from within.
There is no age too young to feel the impact, as the youngest children are manipulated with race and gender ideology, robbing them of their childhoods. If you weren’t awake before, Disney should be a major wake up call, or perhaps woke up call.
No institutions. No trustworthy mainstream media reporting. Big tech working to silence people and manipulate politics and culture.
That’s why until the institutions can be clawed back or new institutions created, we need to look out for and protect each other.
It’s why we help faculty under pressure, K-12 teachers, parents, and veterans. It’s why we proudly are part of the parents movement sweeping the nation. It’s why we fight every day to get the truth out.
We need your help. We can’t do it alone. We are in this together and your donations are critical.
Professor William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection Foundation