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The economy is going to hit you HARD … SOON.

In these video clips, and yesterday’s post image collection: economics, money, inflation, banksters, I offer supporting evidence, proofs, visual examples and historical precedents.

The global economic collapse is unavoidable.

The historical precedence and replica we are in cannot be rationalized away.

However, you can do some things TODAY that will reduce your pain tomorrow.

Understand what is going on, and what to do about it now.

My toolset and skillset forced me to break the video into two parts. I cannot justify upgrading my video recorder for the little bits I do.

Obviously PART 1 on the left should be watched before PART 2 below.

I produced these because I keep running across people who clearly do not understand why prices appear to be rising, or blame some short-term actors and events when the cause and perpetrators have worked for over a century to create the precise situation we are living through today. Failure to understand the situation guarantees incorrect responses to it.

Don’t be THAT GUY.

Share this with your friends so they don’t either.

– Ted –