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Network (1976) obviously true today

I had not watched this movie in a very long time, but current events reminded me of it.

We have such a lovely set of tools today. I hope you are savoring them as much as I do before they go *POOF*. I went online from the comfort and convenience of my studio to order a copy from my tiny-town library. Around a week later I shoved a 46-year-old movie into a machine that played the show on a lovely screen opposite my royal recliner.

Very much like 1984, Brave New World, The Matrix, Minority Report and so many other dystopian novels and movies the world depicted in it was true upon its release, but also quite accurately predicted the near and distant future.

In my video on the right here I go a bit more in depth on the movie review and its relevance for us today.

If your local library is sophisticated like the one we have in Darby, Montana, you can borrow a copy to see for yourself a rather insightful depiction of what mainstream television is, does, and how.