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fasting as a Superpower

In modest increments, I began by forgoing lunches. I clearly had enough calories onboard to make it from breakfast to dinner without another full meal in between. That first step took a significant mental shift, a few weeks, perhaps, but soon I quit expecting, seeking and taking time for the traditional USofA mid-day meal.

That was actually surprising. For over sixty years I simply KNEW that our bodies needed THREE meals a day. That turned out to be completely incorrect.

It freed up my day in that I no longer needed to plan for, or stop for, or pay for, a mid-day meal break. My body did not seem to care one way or the other once I got used to it. I lost a few pounds of excess weight, a tiny bit of my pudgy waistline, but there were no major physical changes.

I read and watched some very interesting bits on fasting – both as a cure for amazing ills and a turnaround in weight management for those who had not found success in escaping an overabundance of stored calories.

I won’t repeat it all in this post, but an excellent opportunity presented itself for me to undertake a ten-day fast. It was challenging, but moreover, it was LIBERATING. See FASTING for much more information. That scenario repeated a year later. I gained confidence and experience in brief fasting.

Today I am realizing how empowering that skillset is.

If I do not need to eat for 10, 20 or 30 days, what hold do circumstances or other people actually have on me?

That is a big deal. The hold some people assume over you often centers on regular meals. Being able to walk away is a superpower.

I won’t say it is easy, but it is well within your reach.