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Track Time bug keeps chewing on me

While I was not crushed by the GT50 bleeding oil all over my March Madness High-G track time weekend, that itch requires a little more, or higher quality scratching.

I am returning for a rematch April 23rd and 24th.

My Honda CRX “exploded view” from its reconstruction is somewhat emblematic of the way I have been operating. I reorganized my To Do list over the last few days. Instead of a pinch from this bag, one from that, and some from another, I put the bags in order. Perhaps a little more focus will deliver satisfaction of getting stuff done and off my list faster than I add it.

First things first. My prior track time pleasures were all dusty old memories from my 1989 Porsche Club Time Trial Series participation… 33 years ago. I am not expecting another coincidence of possibilities ever again in my lifetime. My darling fan club, CFO and psychological support team is encouraging me to grab this chance. It was not a hard sell.

Repeat what I got right. Add in what I should-have taken along, and shoulda-done. My most trusted auto-shop will plug the oil leak and replace the slippery clutch with one capable of delivering the ponies to the pavement.

Last month’s SLAM DUNK is being treated as a test run. The one coming in a couple weeks is *SHOWTIME*.

That is my main job for the next three weeks … plan, prepare, execute.

By the way, enjoying life’s little pleasures in this crumbling empire is also high on the list.

Might as well savor playing a few minutes of great music with the band – there aren’t enough lifeboats anyway.

P.S. The March Madness Outer Track (left), one of four iterations offered to full sized race cars by the Utah Motorsports Campus, has one very long straightaway and two other good ones that attracted wonderful eye-candy for sports car guys. The extreme high-performance and historic race cars may not come to the April Acceleration event.

Hanging out in the paddock, garages and trackside among them might have been
a once-in a lifetime opportunity that I got from my first attempt to run there.

This month’s East Track (right) configuration favors lightweight agility – just about all my car has going for it.

Sometimes stuff happens just as it is supposed to.