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Don’t let the professional liars own your language

Special effects, green screens, holograms, re-branding old footage from other conflicts, and computer animations are only a part of the deceit humans are subject to from lamestream media presstitutes. We have to exercise our brains more than a little bit to find the variety in our sources enabling us to compare popular event views, and to use our thoughtful discernment to know truth when we see it.

After enough blatant, dramatic and obviously deliberate lies become a trademark of individuals or media corporations we can safely skip their propaganda stream altogether without fear of missing any real information whatsoever.

You can fool all of the people some of the time
and some of the people all of the time …
The second group is the one you want to concentrate on.

That is the role of CBS, NBC, ABC, Disney, CNN, Time/Warner, and all the rest of the premium brands that have repeatedly been caught reading from the same script across all network, geographic, and corporate lines.

FAUX NEWS has a different mission. Properly called “controlled opposition” they exist at the highest, global-bankster-funded level, side-by-side in access and resources to the other monopoly media. They tell enough truth, tilt at the right windmills and push the right hot-buttons to capture the audience that is intelligently ignoring the official story.

Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck … perhaps it is a duck.

The people who stole 97% of the money in the world did not overlook FAUX NEWS – they created it. Use your own logic. Now start looking at subjects they won’t touch, and how they handle certain topics. When you catch on, you can know which subjects, which misinformation The Globalists find to be crucial.

Words matter. Language matters. If you cannot articulate it, you cannot hold the thought up for examination in your mind.

I cover all of this and more in the video above right.

It is difficult to not use the phrase “President Biden” because EVERYBODY uses that word pairing and knows exactly who you are referring to. How about unelected puppet, pedo-in-chief, dementia dude, Pedo-Joe, liar-in-chief … there are numerous candidates for better fitting labels, but MASS MEDIA dominates our culture. They get to choose what label is common parlance.

“WE” are bombing Yemen, “WE” are defending freedom in …”, “WE” are invading …

Who is this WE???

Most definitely not ME.

I have struggled to explain inflation succinctly to non-Austrian-economists … that is, darn near everybody.
One of my favorites is that the global banksters are diluting your Kool-Aid:
You have a pitcher of red Kool-Aid
You pour it into a 5-gallon bucket of clear water
The water is now vaguely red and might have a smidgen of red Kool-Aid flavor.
You pour that 5-gallons of somewhat red liquid into a 55 gallon drum of clear water.
Both color and flavor become hard to find
Now pour that into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
* POOF *
There goes your hard-earned savings.

Since they took over our money in 1913, the global banksters have stolen 97% of the dollar’s value… As of last year. Since then they have added another 30% of vapor-dollars to the pool.

As recently as 1972 one paper Feral Reserve Note dollar could be directly exchanged for one silver dollar coin. Now you can buy those silver dollars for $30 to $40 EACH (FRNs), depending on make/model… and that is an artificially depressed price as the banksters control the commodities exchange (COMEX)… another place where truth is elusive.

Apologists call that “inflation”.

In the last year they darn-near doubled it.

There is almost nothing left but our belief, faith, and the inertia inherent in the Feral Reserve DOLLAR, and the rest of the world’s fiat currencies.

Did I mention that you better have some stuff?
Darn-near everything is about to become scarce and hard to come by.