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Gone Fishing

Normally clear studio surfaces speak of a cluttered life

I am pulling out of my garage in one week… heading south to Utah Motorsports Complex for National Auto Sports Association’s March Madness.

I am transitioning from The Beast to a much nicer, newer Z-71 optioned Suburban, The Z-Wagon. The Beast had an antenna farm on the back 1/3 of its roof and capability of running half a dozen amateur radios at a time on numerous different frequencies. I am putting some time, thought, energy and money into adding one multi-band radio to The Z-Wagon. Additionally there are numerous mechanical fix-ups that go with replacement vehicles.

I initiated and had to manage a local emergency-preparedness radio exercise I called “Light Up The Firehalls” wherein my team of local amateur radio operators set up at various Volunteer Fire Departments to test our ability to communicate from one to the others when other forms of communication fail.

I have just drawn plans for ramps enabling my low-rider CRX to mount the car hauler trailer that will haul it to and from March Madness. Construction thereof has a very firm, rapidly approaching deadline.

Interestingly, this will be the first time I have left home for an overnighter in half-a-dozen years, and the first time in over a decade I have taken a trip without my wife, and the first time in 33 years I have driven a capable car at unfettered speeds on a road course. It is a BIG EVENT in my life.

All this is to say that I have been away from my keyboard and posting to my blogs. Besides, it is a bit hard to quantify how much success I have had saving the world so far. Minding my own business has a certain attractiveness at this time.