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More reality checks regarding Ukraine

You gotta admire lamestream media’s depiction of Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. The definitive takeaway is that he single-handed eliminated COVID, masks and VaXXs from being newsworthy.

I snagged two videos that give great insight into what is really going on in Ukraine … and what is not. Both are reasonably brief and quite significant.

I published a great foundation for the two videos March 7th in escape from Ukraine, March 4th in More real stuff from Ukraine, and February 28th in elusive truths from Ukraine.

Need I point out that the truth is very different from what the CIA News Network would have you believe?

I am way too busy doing productive, useful and entertaining things to waste my time wading through the garbage lamestream media shovels to find tiny little bits of truth hidden in their sludge. If, however, you do spend some time there, measure everything against easily verifiable information that runs counter to their claims.

Remember also, that their history in our lifetimes is one of deceit … consistently and absolutely. They are not going to start telling the truth any time soon.

The first video of this pair is from a former head of Australian Intelligence. He knows more than a little about world events, politics and war.

The second video here is Vlad himself, speaking through an interpreter. He clearly wants astute North Americans to know what is really going on. His truths pass the smell test, unlike the drivel our pathological liars on stage keep puking out at us.