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More real stuff from Ukraine

I am far-too-intensely feeling fakery and manipulation of the masses. I want to strike at The Beast.
(Perhaps I should flatter myself that they stay out of my reach, eh? … KIDDING … There are so many really courageous Big Fish still alive and kicking that my little Podunk self is really quite safe.)

Though a little voice in the wilderness. Still, when we combine our little voices and we change the trajectory of Earth and Cosmos. Be solid, confident and true to honor, integrity, courage.

On the other hand, you should be aware of both sides and very wary of the one who has positioned itself to DOMINATE your local government-approved media outlets.

I challenge you to view the following two publications and four videos below with an open mind and then continue belief in the government, CIA, Deep State, enemy-approved view of world events.

Putin Orders Military to Destroy Bio-Labs in Ukraine as US Scrubs Evidence of Their Existence

Bioweapons laboratories in Ukrainian cities including Kharkiv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, and the capital Kyiv, among others locations, have been targeted by Russian troops operating under Putin’s direct orders in recent days.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Ukraine has been caught scrubbing evidence of biolabs in Ukraine while mainstream media and fact checkers have begun telling the masses that the biolabs don’t exist.

Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky stated Friday that Russian forces are firing at “military installations” leaving analysts speculating that term could include US-installed and operated bio-labs.

According to US government documents, the US has multiple biolabs in Ukraine. In typical Pentagon fashion, these biolabs are marketed as “defense.“


US Embassy Quietly Scrubs Existence Of US Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine As Putin Orders Military To Seek And Destroy Them

For months, Russia has been asking the United States to stop running deadly biolabs on its soil. The mainstream media isn’t covering the story right now, although they have in the past.

Four months ago, Russia and China asked the UN for the US to be “checked and limited” in biological capabilities.

Russia and China accused the United States for the Covid-19 outbreak, fearing that the US had additional bioweapons ready to be released on the globe.