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Farming Insider Warns The Coming Food Shortages Are Going To Be Far Worse Than We’re Being Told

by Tyler Durden Authored by Michael Snyder via, The information that I am about to share with you is extremely alarming, but I have always endeavored to never sugarcoat things for my readers. Right now, there are shortages of certain items in grocery stores across the United States, and food supplies have gotten very tight all over the globe. I have repeatedly warned that this is just the beginning, but I didn’t realize how dire things have already gotten until I received an email from a farming insider that I have corresponded with over the years. I asked him if I could publicly share some of the information that he was sharing with me, and he said that […]

Frontline Doctors

I share another mail message from America’s Frontline Doctors as well as a link to their website. While a number of physicians, biologists, virologists and other genuine experts are sounding alarms about the scam-demic being foisted on overly trusting humans, this group of them is a powerful, credible antidote to the toxic information brew. Their website has been upgraded recently and sports a great feature they call “Frontline Films“. This promises to provide some excellent viewing without the undesired advertising, spyware and censorship of the more popular Internet video sharing platforms. Their website: America’s Frontline Doctors In addition to the convincing arguments and knowledge they share on the Internet, they also are building a network of care providers who […]

web hosting bill comes due

I am one of those fixed-income retirees of modest means that you hear about from time to time. I have not quite figured me out, but I am working on it. I enjoy puttering in my woodshop, metalshop, inventor/creator space. I also like playing trombone, upright bass and elementary artistic painting … and a few other hands-on-type things, mostly creative. What I do with much of my time instead is what I consider to be my community service… rewarding in their own ways of course, but not quite as much FUN. In that category are the classes I taught through the Darby Adult Education program to help people earn and upgrade their amateur radio licenses, understand Linux operating systems, […]