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hard times ahead … for the illuminatti

Centuries of success has lulled them into overconfidence.

The best, brightest and most courageous are not on their side.

Plus those who are more students of the cosmos than most of us are convinced the age of darkness is ending; that we are entering “the age of Aquarius”, or enlightenment, renaissance, or similar upbeat ways of viewing the other side of the upcoming struggles.

Yes, we are going to be tested. Some of us are okay with that.

When the oppressors gain control of the official legal system it is time for patriots, lovers of liberty and those who desire a just, kind society to reassert control.

Of course it looks a lot like the good guy side is ill equipped for anything more taxing than a video game, but I imagine the elders have always seen it like that.

We are at the bottom of this cycle.

Time for good men to saddle up.

Heckuva time to be alive.