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essay from a Martian

The following came to me from my Linked-In connection, Mike Johnson. It came very close to expressing EXACTLY how I am feeling and why I am not as prolific on my publishing as I used to be.

The foreplay is becoming tedious. However, the increasing numbers on our side of the ramparts is heartening.

I do not figure that they don’t see this. They know we are gaining strength.

What is their next move?

Many say they have already lost; that they are delaying the final, epic battle because their AI indicates we win, they lose, their time on Earth is over, our turn with actual Liberty begins. Horror all around for them.

I’m okay with that, but jeeze, can’t I just fast-forward though the slow sections on this theater?

– Ted –

Mike Johnson • Social distancing since 1957

I feel like a Martian. I live on a mountain, 25 miles from the closest town, in the least populated state. I saw these days coming 15 years ago.

I’m on earth but not OF earth. From here, people look crazy.

I invested 2,500 days, five hours per day, deeply researching the financial & political systems. Each day, my website posted dozens of links to the best non-mainstream articles that showed where we were heading.

I was delighting my loyal readers, but not converting the unaware. You can’t help these people.

Ten years ago, I closed the site & dropped the burden of saving the world. The research taught me to build my ark.

For most, words don’t teach, only pain & suffering does.
School is in session.

The world is experiencing massive contrast. By getting what we don’t want, we identify & attract what we do want.

It could’ve been less painful, but most ignored the warnings. So survivors get to learn the hard way.

Many are still refusing to learn, ridiculing those of us who learned the obvious years ago:

* Your leaders are criminals.
* Your financial system is collapsing.
* Your media is fake news & divisive poison.
* Your “education” was designed to insure difficulty & mediocrity.
* Your income is far too important to depend on some job.

Even so, individuals can create a bubble of bliss within global misery.

But that’s a different study. A priceless, internal study. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with your soul & your God. Soon, it may be all you have left.

Back outside, the world run by the cabal is closing in. Freedom, finance, fellowship & faith are being stripped away. We’re in a civil war — government vs citizen –but only one side is attacking.

It’s easier for me to speak out because I’m retired. No employer, no customers, no debt.

So here are my words.

No one owns you. NO ONE. Not government, not enforcers, not employers, not bankers. You can refuse to submit to any of them or all of them. You are made by GOD.

You can refuse to pay. Refuse to obey. Refuse to work. Refuse to enforce. Refuse to enable them in any way that is possible for you.

Yes, there will be consequences.

But there will be worse consequences if you comply.

Resistance is easiest, the earliest. Hardest, the latest.

More awfulness is coming. It will be blamed on others but it will be purposely caused by the cabal. They own the media that will “report” the events. Don’t believe them.

Most enforcers will not awaken to righteousness & stand down. They will support the tyrants. Human nature is weak. History proves this.

So it’s on us. We out number them 10,000 to 1.

100% peaceful non-compliance is our only way out. Starve the beast. In every possible way.

Do your own non-mainstream research. Become your own expert. Join the right side of history. Live the story you’ll be proud to tell on the other side. Step into the hero you know you are.

You too, may feel like a Martian, but you were made by GOD.


JeansAndaDog dot com