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By definition, a Last Will and Testament is what the dude wanted to have happen with the tangible results of his life’s work. Those interested in honoring his wishes look to “The Will” for guidance in executing that.

Of course he no longer cares, but did put some thought into the impacts on his offspring and beneficiaries that if not absolutely legally binding are at the very least worthy of consideration.

I have recently been pondering mine. I’m not convinced my rather normal existing one properly reflects my current thinking.

I now look back to a time when humans were not manipulated by banksters, lawyers, carpetbaggers and scalawags. In primal cultures that probably meant those who were nearby, likely his kids, cousins or close tribe members simply took to using his tepee, hatchet, fire starters and other serviceable stuff he left behind.

The more advanced agrarian man hacked a homestead out of the forest, built a cabin and set to farming. One son would join him in the labors, eventually replacing him in in the field and the main house while the parents spent their declining years watching grandkids from rocking chairs on their cabin front porch. The other kids moved on making their own lives elsewhere. That kept the farm intact and continued improving it generation after generation.

Thanks to the divide-and-conquer globalists, there are no granny units, by their late teens firstborn sons are competing in women’s track, there is rarely a farm or family business to grow into, and the kids are several states away by the time grandkids come along.

Quite often there are simply no close relatives either geographically or spiritually when The Estate comes up for redistribution.

The 2022 standard is to convert all assets into Feral Reserve Notes, then divide the greenbacks amongst the beneficiaries according to properly prepared and registered legal documents or to cut new lawyers and courts in as additional recipients of the fiscal remains. I am told that adding a zero to the cost of a pre-planned distribution is the main difference.

Either way the taxman probably takes a major cut.

While none of the above models fit my situation too closely there are elements that do. I am inclined much more towards the older system than the current one.

I get a great deal of satisfaction out of the homestead we have created, the garden, greenhouse, music studio, two-way comms center, woodshop, metalshop, shelters, shooting range, and other neat features we enjoy.

It would be an absolute shame and really quite disrespectful to auction it all off piecemeal at pennies-on-the-dollar so the resulting cash could disappear into a few widely distributed easily forgotten odds and ends.

I far prefer making a major positive diffence to a growing family who would treasure, honor, respect and improve on the package we created in this place we feel is truly special on this Earth.

Better still if we could find a way to begin our transition to the grandparent quarters while we are still able to mentor on the function of the place we built and could benefit from the energy that youth would add to our homestead.

There is, unfortunately, a dark cloud overshadowing all the above. I do not put even fair odds that “normal” of the next few years will even remotely resemble any portion of the last fifty.

I won’t bet everything on the S hitting the fan, but only ignorant people bet heavily on it not doing so.

It would be super-cool to make plans using “ditto”, I fear that is illogical. Thus I color all my projections with a probability index built into the multiple-choice road map.

I will build some personal details, specifics and roadmaps from the philosophical foundation I lay here.

I suggest you spend some time in your meditation place to consider what you can pass on, to whom, how, and when.