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What is really happening in North America and Europe

I share below a GREAT news show featuring three men who know very well the situation in these two volatile areas.

They are in complete agreement with other data and sources that I have been reading, watching, observing and as much as I can, sharing here on my website. The show as presented via Lamestream Media and the political prostitute class is childish at best. These guys nail the truth in a professional grade presentation.

There are reasons that a landslide presidential election victory was obviously, blatantly set aside to put an advanced dementia sufferer on the puppet stage. You get that in this show along with probable projections for how it will play out in these theaters.

I am not 100% convinced their crystal balls have it exactly right, but theirs are every bit as likely and valid as the predictions I have in my head.

The differences lie in my belief that the people running the shows in every major theater on Earth are playing parts scripted and planned a level or two above the ones they occupy.

– Ted –

Michael Jaco, LT. Scott Bennett & Patrick Bergy:
Situation Update and Massive Military Intel Drop

These 3 heavy military hitters are dropping a lot of major Intel about current events and what will come down the road. They give insight and situation updates we all need to know to get prepared for what is to come.