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nobodies are under attack

I am a tiny mosquito nipping away at the deep state globalist leviathan. Amazing, brilliant, courageous, powerful champions of truth, honor and liberty abound. I point out as many as I can.

But I don’t consider myself even remotely as a peer. Perhaps a fellow traveler.

The lions in this war withstand serious assaults. The dark forces who have had their way with the world for centuries have tremendous power even now in their death throes. The frontline warriors are too often killed or seriously damaged for their efforts on our behalves.

I do not feel frightening enough to be afraid for myself.

Yet from time to time I am reminded that the tentacles, the web they weave, can swat at even the tiniest of pests.

I and several Libertarian activist leaders were singled out by the newly minted TSA from hundreds of passengers at boarding time for full luggage-spread-over-multiple-tables harassment that nearly made us miss our various flights to a Libertarian leadership conference in Houston.

After all passengers had disappeared into the gate, the goons in their new uniforms finally granted me permission to proceed. I jammed the litter unceremoniously into my previously carefully packed carry-on, then RAN down the gangway yelling “HEY … WAIT …” at the closing passenger door.

On the shuttle I was shocked to find that out of eleven in the bus heading to the conference hotel, NINE of us had received similar special treatment from The New American Gestapo at airports all over the USofA.

So I lightly, only semi-seriously will occasionally attribute to The State random disruptions to my life and liberties.

Silly little things like a recent change wherein Paypal now requires me to CAPCHA every time I logon AND requires me to accept a telephone call so I can input the required four-digit access code before being allowed entry into my account.

It is little. The incoming fire is light.

I know the team who created GAB had to create their own payment system, their own banking, their own hosting data center and more just to bring us an honorable alternative to faceplant, twit and other tech giant social media.

I know the doctors exposing widespread lethal injections and biological warfare are fighting against unlawful imprisonment, death threats and loss of permission to work in the medical professions.

When the tiny assaults land nearby I am reminded of how widespread and ingrained The Others are – and how dangerous their final thrashings can be.

Then I look to the growing militancy among The Resistors and take comfort that we have a real shot at winning this one.