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resuming my coverage of the scam-demic

I get to feeling that it has all been thoroughly documented, then I run across a good friend or acquaintance who has not seen the mountain of evidence running counter to the official stories.

Pardon me while I freshen up the supply. This next series of posts could be redundant for some of you. Please consider it an opportunity to share with some who still think the political class and media prostitutes might be selling truth.

If you are new here, you might want to study this as if your life depended on it – because IT DOES!

There are literally thousands of doctors risking their lives and practices to get the truth out. Honor what they do for us by listening and reading what they share.

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Here is a tidbit I have not previously shared: The VAERS vaccine injury database has been documented to have a 1% reporting rate. That is to say that 99% of the negative vaccine effects go undocumented by this program. Thus when they admit to killing 30,000 people and maiming 200,000, the real numbers are more like 300,000 dead and 2,000,000 injured … and those numbers are getting old. It is worse today.

I will be refreshing the supply here and bringing in current information.

The enemies of humanity are feeling the pressure as more truth becomes better known. Even the true believers are beginning to have doubts as “fully vaxxed” are being crippled and dying in hard-to-ignore numbers.

Wait until the injectees figure what has been done to them and by whom.