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multiple flash points are near

Greg Hunter and Paul Craig Roberts put on another great USA Watchdog show that I share below. Both have solid credentials in multiple national and geopolitical arenas that they bring to bear here.

Leading off their discussion is the ramping up of Russia VS USofA tensions to a dangerous level. The Russian government called a meeting to explain the danger as those running the sock-puppet administration increase the threat level too far beyond a tolerable level to be ignored.

The ex-assistant Treasury Secretary for multiple administrations also shares some very stark warnings about the USofA and world economies as they appear to be irreversibly approaching an irrecoverable abyss.

No expert discussion today would be complete without touching on COVID and the related VAXX programs – which they do with plenty of solid information. They reference numerous real, honorable doctors, virologists and clinicians who are warning of death rates likely to approach 100% of the VAXXED, which they estimate to be half of the non-African-continent population. The impacts will crush the world as we know it.

They cite numerous policy actions that must result in devastating lack of goods and services, crushing the world as we know it both locally and on the big screen.

There is a lot more in this 46 minute news show that beats the heck out of anything you can find on the tell-lies-vision mainstream offerings.

One quibble I have that you should keep in mind while watching. They are very careful to avoid any mention of nefarious motivations such as outlined in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and The Georgia Guidestones.

They call these insane-looking moves foolish, ill-advised and mistakes when the truth is much darker, deeper and broader-based than the goofy-looking actions of Pedo-Joe and the Dementia Team.

The globalists publish this map of the world, along with their plans to operate the planet as four centrally-controlled regions with life, liberty and property under their total control.

The “mistakes” Paul and Greg talk about could NOT-COINCIDENTALLY result in a world that looks exactly like the one they have drawn out on numerous documents and shared in all their recent global-puppet confabs at Rio, Davos, Bilderberg and such.

The actual locations and puppet figures will likely change, but morph the District of Criminals into control of North, South and Central America.

Moscow morphs into European control.

China becomes Asia.

Africa becomes the global raw materials and slave labor depot with shared ownership divided among The Bigs.

Oceania is currently rumored to be the bug out location for the creeps currently sitting on top of the world. They seem to have created their dreamy Police State there already, or are getting darn close if those pesky Aussie folks would just shut up for a bit. Most of the resistor problems there are handled with well over 50% slated to die of VAXX and the rest disarmed.

Killing off half the farmers, doctors, firemen, plumbers, truckers and so on will upset world stability, to say the least.

The District of Criminals provoking a losing conventional war simultaneously with Russia and China that will quickly turn nuclear … disastrously ending just as quickly.

Destruction of the distribution system we are now dependent on will create death, destruction and among many a willingness to do whatever the FEMA camp supervisors demand.

The Agenda 2030 Geopolitical World will look very different. If it happens to look like their vision, few of us will be here to see it.

Something else entirely … Who knows ???