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Here is a short course on what they are currently calling “the vaccine”. I have included a lot of excerpts, memes and links to full, supporting articles. I consider all to be quite accurate and credible.

Follow the links if you are interested in fuller information. Some lead to written articles. Others lead to video interviews. Others lead to both.

– Ted –

Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families: ‘They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps’

The Washington State Board of Health may soon amend state law to authorize the involuntary detainment of residents as young as 5 years old in Covid-19 “internment camps” for failing to comply with the state’s experimental vaccine mandate.

WAC 246-100-040, a proposed revision to include Covid protocol under the state’s Communicable and Certain Other Diseases act, outlines “Procedures for isolation or quarantine.” The measure would allow local health officers “at his or her sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.”

Mandatory vaccination coming soon in Marin. Your town is next.
Public Health Officer Matt Willis and Deputy Public Health Officer Dr. Lisa Santora speak out on requirements to get boosted. The evidence doesn’t matter and no questions will be tolerated.

Matt Willis, MD, MPH | Marin Health and Human Services
Here is synopsis of Marin Health meeting from 2 nights ago (from a parent).

Basically, the public health officers do whatever the hell they want, they refuse to answer questions from the audience, and none of this is based on solid science, and nobody can stop them. Welcome to 2022. Coming to your town soon (if not already).

Matt Willis presented charts and graphs. One was very interesting but i couldn’t take a picture in time. The majority infected are vaccinated. I believe the number 504. I believe a thousand in attendance from a source who tried to get on.

Lots of us put in questions but he answered none of them.

NAVY DOCTOR (⁣Dr. Lee Merritt) REVEALS MORE SOLDIERS HAVE DIED FROM THE VACCINE THAN COVID. Plus, 80 cases of myocarditis. This is alarming! PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERY SERVICEMEMBER YOU KNOW! “If you think we are fighting the virus you’re going to act like a victim. If you think we are in a war, you’re going to act like a warrior. We are in a war!” THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO! And, there’s a bunch more of AWESOME resources like this on THIS CHANNEL! Repost on SOCIAL MEDIA! The links copy & paste easily! New vids daily! Like! SHARE! Subscribe! #timetoresist #whistleblower #falseflag
Links: ⁣⁣….cle/covid-19-critica


Vicar’s Wife Says Since the Roll-Out of Covid Injections There’s Been Funeral, After Funeral, After Funeral – “It’s Tragic”

At the freedom protest on 4 December in York, Sarah, whose husband is a vicar in the Church of England, spoke out about the battle between good and evil we are facing.

“We’re in a massive battle. And this isn’t about the North or the South, or about whether you’re left or right politically. This is not a battle about land. This is actually a battle for the mind. This is the greatest battle that you’re ever going to be in … What people are seeing now is the battle between good and evil,” she said.

When asked her thoughts about vaccine mandates to protect others, she responded that it’s an inversion – darkness is taken as light, bitter as sweet. It’s a military PSYOP. You normally would think a vaccine would give you immunity. Boris Johnson has said it does not stop you getting it, the vaccine does not give immunity. It’s not a vaccine. “Most people I know with Covid are double and triple vaccinated. So, what they’re trying to do is to get you to do a virtue symbol. Wear your mask so you can say ‘I’m a good person, I’m a good Christian. I’m protecting people’. No, you’re not. You’re showing that you’re gagged.”

She explained that her husband is a vicar in the Church of England and that during the “pandemic” he conducted very few funerals. “Since the vaccine roll-out there’s been funeral, after funeral, after funeral,” Sarah said.

(editor note: Bitchute Video linked above)
Physicians and scientists from around the world warn humanity about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed At Least 140,000 People
By Vasko Kohlmayer
To get an idea of just how dangerous the current Covid vaccines are, we only need to look at the numbers in the government-authorized VAERS database.

As you may know, VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This system is co-maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is how the FDA describes this facility on its website:

“VAERS is an early warning system used to monitor adverse events that happen after vaccination. VAERS is the frontline system of a comprehensive vaccine safety monitoring program in the United States… VAERS gives vaccine safety experts valuable information so they can assess possible vaccine safety concerns, including the new COVID-19 vaccines. It is especially useful for detecting unusual or unexpected patterns of health problems (also called “adverse events”) that might indicate a possible safety problem with a vaccine.”

Established in 1990, the idea behind VAERS is to capture as many adverse reactions to vaccines as possible in order to alert health experts to potential issues and problems.

The graph below traces the number of deaths that have been reported to VAERS every year since its inception. As you can see, the yearly levels have held relatively steady from 1990 until 2020 and were generally under 400 cases. The cumulative total of all reported deaths during those years comes to 5,178 (see VAERS analysis here).

This, however, changed dramatically toward the end of 2020 when the Covid vaccines were introduced. At that point, we see a rapid explosion in reported deaths. So exponential was the increase that the graph line shoots up almost vertically.


The Vaccine Death Report shows all the scientific evidence that millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental covid injections. The report exposes the strategic methods used by governments and health agencies to hide 99% of all vaccine injuries and deaths. You will also learn who is really behind all of this, and what their true agenda is.

The report also shows horrifying lab results from microscopic investigation of some vaccine vials: living creatures with tentacles, as well as self-assembling nanorobots. See pictures:

Public Health Scotland data shows 89% of COVID deaths over the past month occurred in the fully vaccinated

(Natural News) The latest data from Public Health Scotland revealed that a whopping 89 percent of all alleged Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths over the past month were actually vaccine-caused deaths.

The same data also showed that 77 percent of hospitalizations and 65 percent of alleged cases where a person tested positive also occurred in people who took the jab.

Back in September, it was also reported that 80 percent of all COVID deaths in the country were actually fully vaccinated deaths.

Public Health Scotland publishes a weekly report containing this data that it calls the “COVID-19 Statistical Report.” The latest edition confirmed that things are going from bad to worse as far as who is getting sick (the fully vaccinated) and who is not getting sick (the unvaccinated).

Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19

Upon admission to a once-trusted hospital, American patients with COVID-19 become virtual prisoners, subjected to a rigid treatment protocol with roots in Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” for rationing medical care in those over age 50. They have a shockingly high mortality rate. How and why is this happening, and what can be done about it?

As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID-19 patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones.

The combination that enables this tragic and avoidable loss of hundreds of thousands of lives includes (1) The CARES Act, which provides hospitals with bonus incentive payments for all things related to COVID-19 (testing, diagnosing, admitting to hospital, use of remdesivir and ventilators, reporting COVID-19 deaths, and vaccinations) and (2) waivers of customary and long-standing patient rights by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).