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What really happened January 6, 2021?

The truth is important. The movie production with lamestream media playing a prominent role in creating the fiction is important. Share the heck out of this video.

The warning is a mistake made by a Brighteon hosting platform editor who obviously did not watch the video. There is no violence. There is no real blood. It is pure theater. It is only disturbing if you do not like truth.

I created and saved a short text file that I post as a comment to every “REMEMBER ASHLEY BABBITT” post I run across on social media. You, too, can paste this short comment to help make sure the FBI misinformation production does not replace the truth about last year. Just copy and paste the three lines below. Toss your truth bombs on the Ashley Babbitt fiction.

Instead of the media production, watch the murder itself.
What do you think happened?

There was no murder. Not a single drop of Ashley’s blood was spilled.

For even more of the January 6th show, check out the video below. Also no blood, no violence, but BLATANT theater production designed and implemented to deceive the audience. I resent every success they got from their control of broadcast media, politicians and the judiciary.

You need to know that THEY KNOW. Everyone in power positions who PRETENDS that the so-called January 6th “insurrection” was real is a deceiver.
They were not fooled.
They are part of the program.

Know they are liars.

By this one act they prove it.

Of course they prove it over and over, but you have to look at each and every instance, or simply understand that deceit is their primary tool. They will use it until we walk away from their theater.

Happily, they are rapidly losing their audience. More and more of us are awakening. They are justifiably getting nervous. We are winning.