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Beam me up, Scotty

I found this meme on Linked-in. While I understand, sympathize and sometimes wish I could just move on, the other half, bigger half of me figures I am in this time, place and position for some reason.

So are you.

I doubt it is just to occupy space, aimlessly consume resources, or just be the 786th domino in a long chain falling one after another in an amusing pattern.

At my age and physical ability I know my role is not to be one of 300 Spartans in a historic battle … or some heroic special forces Rambo imitator. I reached this age and ability set at this time for something else.

Who knows what?

Stay tuned.

Remain attuned.

Your time and place is approaching.

So is mine.

Let us be ready to do some useful stuff.

We will move on when the time is right.

Destination: appropriate.