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Welcome to 2022

It certainly is challenging to select the story of the year, but I have some contenders for your consideration. All will be in play, but the star is most likely to be the combination rather than an individual one.

As I mentioned in Hi Ho Silver and away on December 30th, 2021, papering the world with fake money is an unsustainable practice. Don’t bank on it lasting much longer.

The sharply upspiking grey line is M1. Basic M-1 is defined as Currency plus Demand Deposits (checking accounts). That is the important metric. Paper money is rapidly approaching the value of litter.

You can find the most current version of that chart along with others that give the real picture your central banksters don’t want you to have at John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics – Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting.

In a bit of relevant news from December 31st, actress Betty White passed on just short of her 100th birthday – an event that was going to be A BIG ONE for media and politicians alike. Too bad they killed her prematurely.

Of course none of those people or entities who would have joined the gala celebration will mention the jab she eagerly embraced three days before the good health she was thankful for took an abrupt left turn.

Betty White meant almost nothing special to me, and perhaps you, but SHDS (Sudden Human Death Syndrome) will be devastatingly popular this year.

Just as shaken baby syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome turned out to be directly related to infant vaccination, SHDS will eventually be understood by more than just those who were smart enough to steer clear of the jabbers.

Once the injected ones figure out what was done to them, “pissed off” might be putting it mildly.

The same could be said if the impoverished masses figured out who stole our wealth and how they did it. That is a bit more complicated to comprehend and, thus less likely to be commonly understood.

Doesn’t much matter. They are the same people and we cannot hang them by their necks until dead twice. As the Brits say, “Pity, that”.

Of course there is always the tyrants’ favorite distraction: WAR. About the time people begin warming up to the rope, pitchfork, hot tar and other traditional just deserts, those who should be the object of their anger create a war to distract and kill their would-be hangmen.

While we are unlikely to shoulder rifles for them, our involvement will be very much required as they deliver their violence to our communities one way or another. Shouldering a rifle might be your only chance to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors – just not on the same side as the politicians of the day.

Oh, crumb, as I call out the horsemen of the apocalypse on the near horizon, I have been forgetting one of our most important survival elements.

Happy New Year

Now is not the time to check out; send your spirit to the next realm. You are here to, at the very least, witness this turning – this passing of ownership from the forces of darkness to those of light. Of course you gain extra cosmic points for assisting their demise. Even a slight nudge has value.

Keep your spirits up.

Find joy. Help others.

Share your happy dance.