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Hi Ho Silver and away

139 Billion dollars in circulation June 1959
5,210 Billion in circulation June 2020

In 1959, the USofA pie was sliced into 139 billion pieces with each dollar representing one piece.

In 2020, the pie is sliced into 5,210 billion pieces with each dollar representing one piece.

THAT is inflation. THAT is why everything seems more expensive.
In 40 years, they shrunk the dollar by 37.5 times.
Your dollar wedgies are tiny, tiny, tiny.

The difference in value between 1/139B and 1/5,210B was stolen by the global central bankers, and used to buy news media, politicians, farms and businesses. Meanwhile we actually worked for our rapidly shrinking slices of the pie.

Their dollar will be worth zero very soon.

Gold, silver and useful products will always hold their value.

Do not hold paper currencies or anything attached to the paper currency based world (like stocks, retirement plans, bonds).