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The Kyle Rittenhouse theater

I know you understand in this long delayed, overly drawn-out “speedy trial” that the drop-dead certainty was that Kyle was STELLAR in every way and would be an asset to any rational community.

NOT GUILTY was the only possible reasonable conclusion of the jury based on the law, the evidence, as well as all that is right and good in humanity.

How could the prosecutorial team insist on a trial, arrive with such a lousy, loosing case … and deliver it so badly?

What if THAT was not the point?

What then was the point?

In the photo on the right, look at this CONVICTED FELON ILLEGALLY POSSESSING, AIMING AND INTENDING TO KILL WITH A HANDGUN, having lost a gunfight with a pursued, honorable 17-year-old young man. The other two convicts died attacking Kyle themselves demonstrating intent to maim or murder him.

The wounded survivor presented a lousy testimony that had him essentially confessing to being 100% in the wrong while Kyle was 100% in the right. Yet no charges have yet been filed against the obviously guilty surviving assailant.

WE all saw that along with other snapshots of the attack on Kyle that the pillagers initiated because he put out the dumpster fire they set in an attempt to burn his grandparents’ gasoline station to the ground!!! …likely hoping to take the entire neighborhood with it.

Please, let’s not lose this bit of history in the theater. I would only HOPE to acquit myself as well were I attacked by the mob that chased him down as he retreated to the best of his ability.

What then was the point?

Lamestream media went full-bore on DEMONIZING Kyle as a white supremacist, vigilante, militiaman along with being representative of other demonized, incorrect groups.

You either, like me, did not see that BS, or you filtered it out as useless garbage coming your way.

So their case basically did not exist. Their evidence was zip-zero. Their performance was lame, or in the case of the prosecutor aiming an AR-15 at the jury with his finger on the trigger, criminal endangerment and criminal jury tampering. You might note that he still has yet to suffer severe justifiable negative consequences.

Why did The State put on this courtroom drama?

To inspire the Lamestream Media audience into further atrocities against normal, civilized North Americans.

Their real hope was to make their fascist brown-shirt mobs into superpowers where self-defense was not okay. We were supposed to accept their wanton destruction with our hands at our sides.

Turning the other cheek – OK. Over and over until our country looks as ravaged as the worst the third world has to offer. Fighting back; defending right; having healthy communities – NOT OKAY.

Happily, they lost that round.

Count on them to continue their relentless assault…
until we stop them once and for all.