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100% vaccinated cruise liners get sick

Surprising none of us who are truly paying attention, these floating apartment complexes that insist everyone onboard be “fully vaccinated” are regularly having major COVID outbreaks during their cruises.

You could not pay me enough to move into one of these overpriced sardine cans for two weeks. The odds against me paying money for the privilege are astronomical. Yet hundreds of thousands do it. Now their punishment arrives for calling that “entertainment” along with willingly having biological weapons injected into their bloodstream.

Carnival Cruise Covid-19 Outbreak: 27 Vaccinated People Test Positive For Coronavirus Forbes – Aug 15, 2021

10 Fully Vaccinated Cruise Ship Passengers Test Positive For COVID-19 Despite Vaccine Mandate – International Business Times – By Dane Enerio – 12/22/21 AT 11:30 AM

Two passengers test positive for COVID on Celebrity Millennium ‘fully vaccinated’ cruise – Morgan Hines – USA TODAY

Fully Vaccinated Cruise Coming to an End as COVID Outbreak Begins Pulsing Through Passengers – The Western Journal – By Sabrina Haverty – December 6, 2021

In case you think it might be limited to the well-healed leisure class, there are also numerous reports like this one below. Mostly young, fit, men with extremely few co-morbidities, yet here it is.

US warship paralyzed by Covid outbreak
A Covid-19 outbreak has forced the USS Milwaukee littoral combat ship to halt its deployment and employ an “aggressive mitigation strategy” to contain the virus.
US warship paralyzed by Covid outbreak

The US Navy refused to disclose how many personnel tested positive for Covid-19 but emphasized that the crew was fully vaccinated. Those sailors infected with the virus have been segregated from the rest of the crew, but remain on the ship. Some of the infected are reportedly experiencing mild symptoms.

In the video below, doctors are discussing the horrible death rate among the recently vaccinated. It is awful on the surface, but the data is coming from the government vaccine reporting system which historically has a 1% reporting rate. The real numbers are horrible … unless human depopulation is your objective.