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Merry Christmas

I cannot remember a bad one. Christmas has always been a good day for me. Large family gatherings, great food, good cheer and sharing of wonderful companionships were the hallmarks of that day.

I also get pleasure out of making custom gifts that are appreciated on several levels for a long time. “You made that for me Christmas of ’08” or something like that. Well beyond the fun I had inventing, designing and creating in my shop, we all know I spent a lot of time thinking fondly about the intended recipient.

The gift exchange, even purchased products sends the message, “I was thinking of you and wanted you to have this”. If it works well, the gift-ee enjoys something they truly appreciate and would not have otherwise treated themselves to.

I hope you are having a day something like that.

If not, fix your head. Remember all the good Christmases you had. Remember the people who ornamented your life. Think of the positive things you have done for others.

Have a great day.