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Okay, I didn’t know who Riccardo Bosi was either, but he turns out to be a renowned Australian video producer and liberty champion – who in this case hosted General Flynn to the large Australian audience Riccardo has apparently earned.

Of course we do know who Michael Flynn is.

This, however, is my first exposure to his speaking. I am now officially a fan. No wonder The Deep State tried so hard to crush him… a formidable foe indeed. A huge asset for our side.

Watch the video. Here are my notes from watching:

People cannot sit still
Local action has national impact
Get involved in your community like you have never been involved before

We are in the middle of four wars:
Physical War
Emotional War
Intellectual War
Spiritual War

We NOW have to get involved

In an effort to be completely candid and transparent, he established this website:

Freedom Is Not FREE

This is our time

We can fix this

There are historic figures who step up in historic times

I add to that last, recognize them. Help them. Support them. Work for them.