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mainstream medical’s dark side

• NWO Agenda: DEPOPULATION • The ongoing genocidal plan to decimate the world populace from the current 8 billion people down to as low as 100 million survivors.

In the last few decades knowledge of the NWO plan for global government has moved outside of discussions between only the very best of society’s awakened members, who were socially attacked and even murdered for saying just a little to much about the real controllers of government, or the true nature of Luciferian banking, multinational monopolies, secret service crimes, and the secret society stranglehold on humanity, which all work in various degrees of conjunction towards the same goal – a one world totalitarian regime that softly enslaves the human population through social engineering and control of the mind, rather than through the barrel of a gun (although a barrel of a gun is still also used).

However, there is an inescapable core to this garden of Eden apple that the NWO want to sell to the people of the world, and that core is DEPOPULATION. The Depopulation Agenda of the New World Order Criminal Cabal remains on the very sidelines of authentic conspiracy debate, even though it is central to practically every other main conspiracy.

Once you retain the notion of Depopulation within your thinking, as you look at everything from orchestrated economic collapse, to housing policies, to feminism, to food availability, to pharmaceutical dependency, to vaccines, to weather modification, to microwave technology, you will rapidly begin to realize that all these social objectives and ideologies are geared – at least in part – towards the concentration and reduction of the general populace.

Of course, the subtlety of the deed is essential to its operation. You were never supposed to know about this. You were simply supposed to disappear into the dark. Nevertheless, you do now know, and you must inform others of this reality, which is incontrovertible to anyone who judges the evidence of the documents; the insiders; the whistleblowers, with an open mind.

Never forget, reality is far, far stranger than any fiction. It is time to reject the fiction and to learn the truth about those who regard a large human populace as an unacceptable problem to their plans for total control of the planet, and their visions for a transhumanist, robotic future society.