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Illuminati structure and bloodlines

A whole lot of what goes on in our world does not make any sense… at least to most people. When you begin to glimpse behind the curtain, the evil, manipulations, and much more start to follow a pattern of wealth and power accumulation into a relative few hands.

Those hands are all related. We get an illusion of selecting lawmakers and administrators, but those selections are actually done without any real influence on our parts. The illusion keeps us subservient and placid.

Many sources say that the dark forces have had their run, that thousands of years where they were dominant is coming to an end. That sounds quite hopeful to me.

Meanwhile, it is good to understand how their pyramid of power works. I found the description below to be as good as any.

– Ted –

 The Vatican oversees all governments. The Pope is the Roman Papal Caesar.The Roman Curia is the governmental body of the Vatican. The All Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid is the Holy See. All national leaders secretly recognize the Pope as the highest authority on the Earth whether its Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, or Vladimir Putin.

The Catholic Church owns more land and property than any other organization through churches, schools, universities, and laboratories. The College of Cardinals is the Roman Senate and all the Archbishops govern over their districts in service to Rome. The Archbishop of New York is the highest authority in America and controls the CFR.

The powers behind the Vatican are the Roman Principalities which go back for thousands of years to ancient Rome, Persia, and Babylon and are directly related to the House of Saud. They include the Colonna, Medici, Sforza, Massimo, Torlonia, Conti, Aldobrandini, Pallavacini, Este, Orsini, Barberini, Gonzaga, Chigi, Borguese, Albani, Pamphili, Caetani and more. This is where the elite bloodlines came from going back about 1000 years ago in Rome during “Moorish” invasion; they were really Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Persian elites who used African armies to invade Europe.

These top families are directly related to the German Nobility like Wittlesbach, Wettin, Mecklenburg, Saxe, Lorraine, and Hohenzollern which created the Hofjuden Banking families like Oppenhiemer, Rosenberg, Warburg, Goldsmid etc. George Soros runs all the banking families and is very high level and sovereign.

All of these families are married in with European Monarchs and Nobility over the past 1000 years establishing a huge diverse bloodline of power. Most of the Roman Princes still hold their titles to this day.

The Saxe Coburg Gotha bloodline is in every European Monarchy today. The Medicis married into the German Lunesburg Nobility and created the Rothschilds and also the Bonaparte family who are also related to the Capetian bloodline which had two Medici Queen Regents.

The Rothschilds took over the Medici banking empire and even bought some of their old properties and art. The Rothschilds recently married into the Aldobrandini family. Aldobrandini comes from Aldebaran a Persian name for a Constellation. The Encyclopedia Judaica states the Rothschilds are the “Guardians of the Papal Treasure”.

The House of Windsor and House of Bourbon are the highest Monarchies in the world after the Papacy. Pope Benedict XVI is still in power and is using Pope Francis to hide behind. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus; Peter Hans Kolvenbach is higher level than Pope Francis and is also hiding behind Adolfo Nicholas.

Britian owned Palestine after WWI and gave it to the Zionists after WWII. The Windsors were Nazi supporters. The elites are all Zionist whether Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim. Spain is an extension of the Latin Roman Empire and Britain is an extension of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Society of Jesus was founded 500 years ago to combat those who protested the Church of Rome; the Protestants. The Jesuits are the Roman Intelligence serving the Roman Principalities directly under the King of Spain. There are countless Jesuit educated Military and Intelligence leaders in the US like John Brennan (CIA Director), Leon Panetta (CIA Director), Donald Rumsfield, Gen. Patraeus (CIA Director), Zbigniew Brzensiki, Janet Napolitano, James Clapper (CIA Director), Keith B. Alexander (NSA Director) Alexander Haig and many more.

Bill Clinton, John Boehner, Andrew Cuomo, King Abdullah of Jordan, King Felipe VI, Vicente Fox, Fidel Castro all went to Jesuit Universities. Jesuit Universities are recruiting centers for Vatican Agents. Jozef Retinger trained to be a Jesuit Priest and founded the Bilderberg Group.

Allen Dulles and William Donovan were Knights of Malta and created the CIA and Dulles also help found the CFR. Ronald Reagan was a Knight of Malta who recognized the Vatican as a sovereign nation. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is an ancient Crusader Knighthood currently stationed at the Vatican with many members which include Kings, Queens, Dukes, and political and military leaders of all nations.

Queen Elizabeth II is a dame of Malta and runs the Order of St. John. Queen Elizabeths cousin Andrew Bertie of the House of Stuart was Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Queen Beatrix is a Dame of Malta. Many members of royalty of the Houses of Orange, Thurn and Taxis, Nassua, Braganza, Bourbon-Parma, Saxe-Coberg-Gotha, Savoy and Habsburg are all Knights of Malta.

Rupert Murdoch owns Fox, Newcorp, and the the Wall Street Journal and is a Knight of St. Gregory as is Roy E Disney who owns ABC and Disney. Frank Shakespear was a Knight of Pope Pius IX, Vatican Ambassador, and was President of CBS for 20 years.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre controls Jerusalem with the King of Spain as the highest authority. The King of Spain is also the official King of Jerusalem which is carried over by bloodline going back to the Crusades. The Este bloodline carried this title and their relatives the House of Bourbon claimed it after WWII from their cousins the Savoys who lost their Royal titles for installing the Knight of Malta; Benito Mussolini as the fascist Prime Minister of Italy. Haile Selassie was a Knight of Pope Pius IX. The Shah of Iran was a Knight of the Golden Spur.

Today the King of Spain is also the King of most of Italy by title. The Bourbons married in with the Farnese family who created the Jesuit Order under Pope Paul III; Alessandro Farnese. The Farnese family gained their power militarily and their Roman Villa is designed as a Pentagon.

In 1669 Washington was called Rome and owned by a group of wealthy Catholic Priest families like the Pope, and Carrol familes and this is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. DC is designed like Rome with a Capitol Hill based on Capitoline Hill in Rome where the European Union was signed. Konstantinos Stephanopoulos; the former president of Greece is a Knight of Pope Pius IX. Demetris Christofias the former president of Cyprus is a Knight of Pope Pius IX.

The Vatican controls Switzerland and this is why the Swiss Guard protects the Vatican. The City of Geneva uses the Jesuits logo on their flag. The UBS bank uses the Papal Keys for its logo. Even the Bank of America was created by an Italian immigrant originally called the Bank of Italy and the Bank of America is still under its original charter today.

John Raskob was a Knight of St. Gregory and built the Empire State Building, and was an executive for Dupont and General Motors. The billionaire Kenneth Langone who founded Home Depot is a Knight of St. Gregory. Geoffrey T Boise is a Knight of Malta, member of the Trilateral Commision and was a high level executive at Goldman Sachs.

Freemasonry is the occult and is used to initiate more members into their secret hierarchy. The Jesuits oversee the occult societies. They are all occultists who worship Saturn/Zion as their highest god.