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the new health care model

The video I share at the end of this post is GREAT! One of my fellow travelers at MINDS introduced me to it, producer Doctor Charlie Ward who walked away from his mainstream medical MAL-practice, and to David Dacre who is championing a replacement medical model world-wide.

I will share my notes I jotted down while watching the video:

Nobody is prepared for the whole truth about The Dark Side.

There is a positive side; blessings that we get from the COVID-19 operation.

David Dacre

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He talks about DIS EASE as a state where your body and self are not at ease. His Herbal Medicine works to creat EASE, removing the negative DIS parts.

David and his team are working on herbal methodologies for cleansing human bodies from the toxins in The Jab. Those doctors, clinicians and medical scientists who know what is in that thing all say there is no known way to undo it. Now there is hope for those who are late in waking up to what is being done to them and their loved ones.

Stand UP
We are dealing with bullies. Standing up gives you a feeling of self-worth, while it is the one way we can defeat these bullies.

We are on the precipice of building a new system. There is a large body of health care professionals who are walking away from pharmaceutical, mainstream medical practices because they care deeply about the people they help to health and can not participate in the antithesis of that.

These healers are coming together to build a new model – a real health care system, network and knowledge.

Here is the video at Charlie Ward’s own website. Look around there – many more highly relevant videos.

– Ted –