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Foul Five Geee

It is easy to sleep through the rollout of five geee, thinking somehow the quadrillionaires of the world are generously speeding up our internet access and making our cell phones more useful.

Phenominal amounts of money and resources are being applied to towers, transmitters, fiber-optics cable installation and more.

Even the sloppiest accounting shows our phone and Internet access fees do not even remotely come close to paying for all this.

Where does the money for this technological expansion come from?

Hint: It is not for your benefit.

– Ted –

Doctors around the world are sounding the alarm about the dangers of 5G

Radiation poisoning is being showered all around us without our consent. Crimes against humanity. demand an “URGENCY ORDINANCE” AT YOUR NEXT CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS.

Tell your neighbors that if they allow 5G antennas to be put on their house they will be sued and their homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover 5g radiation poisoning.

For decades, people from India have been studying in USofA universities, earning knowledge and advanced degrees in most sciences… strangely uninterested in gender studies, Marxism and other ‘basket-weaving degrees’.

While many stay and make good lives for themselves in their adopted country, I think it fair to say that most return to their native land and help their natural communities to grow in knowledge and skill sets.

The result in both India and China are technological giants while their mentor country withers into Che-Guevara-ian hellholes.

This is how the money men want it. Like it or lump it, this is where our native land is going. Of course the rural family is the fundamental strength of our land and nothing can defeat it if we do our part.

I point all this out here to stress the significance of the Indian people fighting back against Five Geee as shown in the video and article below. The average (Asian) Indian is not half as ignorant as the typical “American” (using the common vernacular for North-American).

– Ted –

On to more of the news:

In India they are setting fires to 5G radiation towers.Satanists rely on EMF Electromagnet frequency technology to control THE MASSES via radiation ☢️ and mind control.

It’s probably a smart idea to remove these 5G infrastructures so they don’t have the resources for control.

Radioactive Electromagnetic frequencies cause massive health problems, these symptoms are called radiation poisoning, the government are calling it covid.