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longhairs and Avatar

It has been over 8 years since my last haircut.

My creator, whatever force or being that designed the vessel I currently occupy, chose to have the hair on top of my head continue growing far longer than similar stuff on my arms, legs, chest, nose, ears, armpits, and so on.

I do not need to know why, though I do receive hints from time to time. Many of them point to a natural connection with energy, frequencies, forces, knowledge outside of ourselves.

Cutting our hair is like removing the antenna from your radio. If the signals are strong enough, bits might make it through, but imagine what you are missing.

I have written and published several insights on the subject. See HAIR here. It comes up again thanks to the movie Avatar that I reviewed yesterday.

In the movie, the human-like Na’vi were connected to all plants, animals, minerals, waters – to all visible and cosmic forces in their world. Their strongest connections were made through the ends of the pony tails from their heads. Oh my.

In more familiar cultures, the gurus, shamans, mystics, swamis, and other spiritual leaders are typically pictured with long hair.

I am very definitely NOT motivated into allowing my hair growth so I will look like a mystic. Appearances do not inspire me. I have nearly always been relatively indifferent to what other people thought of how I look.

For me it started as a question: Why continually cut it? It has grown into a belief that the location of our long hair production is significant; that there is a connection between some cosmic communication and our brains – if we allow it, are open to it – have not cut off that avenue.

So mine grows. Now not so much top and center thanks to my age, but the sides and back of my head do have abnormally long hairs emanating from them.

Do I claim resultant super-powers? Nah. I don’t pretend to be stronger, wiser or anything other than myself. I do, on the other hand, trust my intuition quite a bit. I don’t have to KNOW something in order to suspect possibilities, and be open to the new, fresh, unusual or gut feelings.

I have had a few incidents where I sensed something, or even acted in unusual ways for reasons I did not understand, but that turned out to be fortuitous… as in missing two fatal high-speed head-on collisions … quite literally.

Humans used to appreciate long hair far more than they do now. Defeated enemies always had their locks cut off, prisoners heads were shorn, military inductees have heads close-cropped while undergoing initial heavy indoctrination.

I complete this long-haired exploration with a lesson from the Vietnam-era US Army. They choose to ignore it, or at least do not appear to want the potentially useful intuition in their troops. Perhaps willingness to follow orders is more important.

During this conflict, special envoys of the war department were sent to Native American reservations in search of tough, young, talented scouts who were adept at moving through and sniffing out especially rough terrain.

Men with a reputation of having seemingly supernatural tracking abilities were held at a premium for recruitment.

Once the men were convinced to enlist, however, all prior evidence of scouting and tracking skill seemed to disappear completely.

New recruit after new recruit consistently failed to perform as anticipated, and mass failures and casualties caused the U.S. armed forces to conduct a study to get to the bottom of the issue.

The tests on the Native men would go something like this:

The new recruit would be instructed to commence an overnight training operation. When they fell asleep, an armed ‘enemy’ would attempt to sneak up on him.

The man would be awakened by a strong ‘fight or flight’ response long before the supposed attacker was even close, even before the ‘enemy’ was close enough that his movements could be heard.

The new recruit would often follow some sort of sixth sense and pretend to sleep rather than flee. When the ‘attacker’ was close enough, the recruit would grab and overcome him.

However, after basic training, the same man would consistently fail the tests he passed before with flying colors.

When the privates were asked about why they would fail to perform as before, they would consistently answer that their required military haircuts left them unable to harness the sixth sense that was previously very natural to harness. They could no longer sense an enemy approach, and felt as if their natural intuition was no longer reliable.

After this was uncovered, further tests involving privates who were allowed to keep their hair against those who had received the required military haircut commenced.

As you might guess, those Native privates who were allowed to keep their hair performed exactly up to the standards that they had performed prior to recruitment. As a result, this leaked document recommended that Native American recruits be allowed to keep their long hair.


Over millions of years of evolution, mammals have adapted to their surroundings. Survival under the harshest of circumstances can be viewed as somewhat supernatural in the right context.

What we know is that each body part is interlinked into a beautiful whole that works as a complete system. The modification of even a seemingly small aspect of this system can interrupt the entire process.

If the hair is cut, the emitting and receiving of energetic transmissions is dampened.

In Native thought, the cutting of the hair is a contributing factor in environmental degradation, problems in relationships and even sexual frustrations.

When we search for solutions to our problems in the world, we often look outwardly at what is being done to nature. But perhaps we should look into the mirror as well.

Isn’t it curious that when we go into High Alert Mode the hairs on the back of our neck stand up?

It is almost as if they were antennas attempting to better receive some incoming signals.