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I just re-watched Avatar

My wife and I saw the movie in a 3D theater when it was fresh and new – about three lifetimes ago. I wanted to refresh my memory, and view it with my current mind which is significantly more evolved than the 2009 model. Last night I watched a DVD version on our medium-sized wall-hanging screen.

I am a simple man. I enjoyed it. Sophisticated reviewers manage to find faults all over. I am more inclined towards watching what they meant and forgiving technical missteps. So what I saw was an example of culture that was bonded, connected with everything in their world.

I was hoping for a producer’s view of how it would look if our spirits were fluid between the human flesh we currently occupy and the past, future and other beings of our world. I got what I wanted, but that could well be because I wanted to have the movie do that.

Another good part was that despite some deadly, destructive successes, the non-spiritual, base attackers assaulting this spiritually harmonic world ended up losing to the higher cosmic, lower military technology order. This bit fits well with our current situation where the world’s power-brokers are working furiously to crush the superior spirits, but have a great shot at losing that battle.

A technical note: the big-screen 3D movie was longer and had more detail than the DVD we borrowed from our local library. My memory filled in the blanks, so not much was lost, but if you are viewing it for the first time, there may be a more complete version floating around that would be worth watching.