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Building relationships

Community, family, friends, good neighbors are all about to become crucial to our well-being. The most important prepper action you can do today is build those.

In a solid community, everyone works together to solve problems of the group and the individuals therein. That is the strength of homo-sapiens. We make great teams… or at least, can.

Unfortunately, those who had control for the last century or more wanted us weak and divided. Their reign is passing. Their power is in decline. Their age of darkness is ending while the age of light is beginning. We are shifting to a new era.

Most high-powered rifle bullets leave their barrels at supersonic speeds. At some point in their trajectories, the typical bullet transitions through the sound barrier to subsonic speed. That transition is very disruptive to their flights. Things get wonky. Accuracy disappears.

I think that is a good metaphor for where humans are in this phase of the cosmic cycle. Trajectories are going wonky on us. Patterns are being massively disrupted.

Many we considered to be part of our circles have decided to ‘suicide by pharma’. That’s a phrase I made up to encompass those who incorrectly believe the ruling elite loves them and will compassionately lead them through long and pleasant lives.

You, I, we, have to detach ourselves from their long-term futures. The next year or so will devastate their numbers. Your long-term community has to be built on others; on those who comprehend the devious plans and work to stay outside. Those are your teammates. They are your future community.

Dang, we have a lot to gain; innumerable possible exciting joint ventures with those new and future friends. We get bonus points for recognizing them now, sooner rather than later. Where the old relationships were comparatively shallow, the future ones will be among much more similar people; spirits who share our strength, resolve and perseverance.

In the end, those on the same side of the ramparts with you, firing at the same enemy are your new community, your friends and your new family.