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The hard part

It has begun, but will be getting A LOT WORSE. We must learn to understand decline and demise among people we are currently attached to.

I have not yet fully embraced, absorbed the increasingly popular Nikola Tesla concept that The Universe, everything in our world is energy, frequency and vibration.

I am reading and hearing more and more of it nowadays. Either the concepts are increasing in popularity or I am moving into a higher level where that information is more common. I’m not in a position to coherently comment on that.

However, considering the video I shared in my post The transition we are in, I suspect I am at what she called an entry-level 5 while half the human population as at energy level 3.

The 3s are easily managed by sociopathic rulers while the 5s are royalty’s feared enemies.

According to the doctors and virologists I share on my Brighteon channel VACCINES – the truth is available and the one I shared here yesterday Doctor Tenpenny on injuries from getting shot, we are going to be losing to incapacitation and death many of the seemingly healthy friends and family we have had.

For many of us, that will be the hardest part.

This is where the energy, frequency and vibration view of everything in the Universe, ourselves included, comes in – coupled with that other bit where people like me exist in a level 5 vibration while those who don’t seem to get it, or who missed what was readily apparent to us are in level 3.

We have seen them every bit as real as ourselves, interacted with them as if they were part of our world, but they were not. We passed through this bit of theater, acted on the same stage as if together, but they exited stage left while we are destined to exit stage right.

They departed as their spirits wished in the time and place of their choosing.

Wish them well in their journey.

Remain strong for yours.