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Doctor Tenpenny on injuries from getting shot

Here is a great interview with Doctor Sherri Tenpenny on vaccine injuries from this current toxin distribution program being marketed to the gullible as some sort of protection from the psy-op humanity’s enemies are using to sell these lethal injections.

Category 1: People who die right in the first few days.

Category 2: At least SEVEN mechanisms where the spike proteins will disable or kill you. These can take from four weeks to four months to manifest.

Category 3: You survived that long, now the spike protein triggers antibody productions which lead to autoimmune disorders. This takes four months to four years.

Category 4: Numerous other results including cancer and acceleration, strengthening of any other maladies you may have.

The Bad News, in case you need more: There is no known way to reverse the injection at this time … I doubt one is coming, ever.

Doctor Tenpenny mentions a movie titled “1986: The Act” that documents removal of liability and extensive protections granted to those producing dangerous vaccine products. I linked the title to the website where you can learn about the movie, purchase it for live-streaming, MP4 download, or to buy the DVD.

I can vouch for the download version. As soon as my payment cleared, a download link came to my e-mail. Soon thereafter I had that POWERFUL, incisive movie to watch on our big screen connected to my computer.

Another link she mentions is her own website DR. SHERRI TENPENNY. There you have it.

I suspect that the biological weapon created in USofA labs and enhanced in Wuhan was not ready for roll-out when the timing was forced on them. Too many of us were waking up too fast, or other events were overtaking them.

Whatever the motivation, they had to develop the psy-op program to get their lovely, murderous, controlling juice into as many low-frequency humans as possible with some urgency to their program.

Watch this interview to see real world information about The VAXX.