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Inflation hits shoplifting ceiling

Most of us know that brilliant Californians legalized shoplifting as long as the take per trip was kept below $900. The entire rest of the world knew widespread shoplifting would ensue, followed not too far behind by store closures.

They are now part-way between broad-scale, organized, commercialized shoplifting and epidemic store closures. However, we are simultaneously well into the dollar and other fiat currencies of the world aiming their trajectories downwards into the power dive that will be widely recognized as hyper-inflation.

So what will the left-coast whackos do when a typical cart of groceries or armfuls of clothes add up to exceed their feel-good, generous with other people’s money unpunishable shoplifting limit?

I’m sure the answer depends on timing.

If the stores the masses used to shop in are shuttered, the current limit will stand. But if the stores patronized by typical California lemmings are still open while even a modest armload of clothes retails for over $900, they will bump the ceiling to reflect inflation.

The obvious end point of this will be no stores for the little people. I suppose we revert to the often repeated statement by Klaus Schwab and his henchmen, “You will own nothing and be happy”.

Please pass the Soma.

Ah, but those who would be our masters have another answer waiting in the wings: digital money.

They may well intend to magnanimously bring back the big box stores when EVERYONE can just walk into any store and stroll on out with whatever they want while the digits are applied to individual peon accounts automatically, and phalanxes of jack-booted thugs scoop up every rule violator their masters aim them at.

Cattle car loading ramps straight ahead.