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Doctor consistently curing COVID

I vacillate, but currently think there is a physical ailment associated with the Psy-Op that is COVID. They did bake something up in a USofA lab and send it to Wuhan where Gates, Obama and Foucci toured the facility and ‘invested’ millions of dollars in what they politely call “gain of function research”. We would call that “weaponizing their biological creation”.

I believe they felt pressure from humanity waking up to release their weapon before it was as lethal as they had hoped to make it. Look at the Zelenko video to the right. He is risking his life to bring this information out. It is irrefutable and blockbusting.

He came up with a cure, prescribed it with excellent results to President Trump and other luminaries before those who wanted no cures outlawed it. He came up with an alternative at least as good with the same result: success triggered a ban. He is now offering a non-prescription solution that has not yet been thwarted by the bio-weapon proponents.

His website is here:
I suggest you might want to stock up on his Z-STACK VITAMINS while they are still available.

I tried to include a video about his treatment protocols below, but had to settle for the transcript of it for now.




Doctor Vladimir Zelenko is one of the best experts on the clinical treatment of COVID-19.

He was the first advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine and has recently developed an immune system protocol called Z-Stack that he is making available to everyone.

On Tuesday, Dr. Zelenko sat down for an interview with The Gateway Pundit to answer every question about COVID-19, his treatment, and his product.

Transcript as it follows:

TGP: What were your initial thoughts on hydroxychloroquine?

DR. ZELENKO: My initial thoughts, based on clinical experience treating thousands of patients, is that it’s absolutely life-saving. It’s safe. I’ve used it in pregnant women, children, nursing mothers…

TGP: Did you pay a price for your support for using hydroxychloroquine?

DR. ZELENKO: …Me coming out against the narrative – against the governmental policy and offering hope and a solution to this global crisis – apparently has irritated and made angry certain stakeholders…

TGP: What are your current thoughts on hydroxychloroquine? Have they changed?

DR. ZELENKO: Hydroxychloroquine is one of the most powerful and effective zinc ionophores – or zinc delivery systems – or the mechanism through which I can get zinc into the cell to inhibit viral replication, but there are others…

TGP: What about Ivermectin?

DR. ZELENKO: I’m a clinician. I define success as keeping my patients above ground…Ivermectin keeps my patients alive, so it’s a very good drug…when you find a cheap, generic solution to a global crisis, the stakeholders that have pushed the vaccine angle and in-patient hospital treatment get very upset with you because you’re reducing their market share.

TGP: We all know seniors who knew they had COVID but were given no treatment – now they are gone. What does he say about this?

DR. ZELENKO: Crime against humanity. Mass murder. And genocide…

TGP: Is CDC and Fauci liable for their deaths?

DR. ZELENKO: …I don’t trust the CDC. I don’t trust the government’s recommendations because they’ve been consistently against the best interests of the public.

TGP: Suddenly govt. and pharma companies talking about treatment over vaccine…What changed with the government and pharma companies now pushing treatment?

DR. ZELENKO: What changed is that people are beginning to recognize that the vaccines are doing more harm than good…

TGP: Is Merck’s treatment drug the same as Ivermectin?

DR. ZELENKO: It’s a variant of Ivermectin. Instead of costing $20/pill, I believe they’re charging $750/pill. So that’s why it’s being considered effective — it’s the price tag…

TGP: What do you think about India’s approach on COVID with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine?

DR. ZELENKO: It works. Especially…

TGP: Talk to us about Z-Stack.

DR. ZELENKO: Z-Stack was a gift from God. And the way it evolved was, in April of 2020, I was using hydroxychloroquine and zinc and azithromycin to keep my patients alive. The ghoul — and I call him a ghoul: Cuomo — who is responsible for the death of almost 20,000 nursing home residents — issued an executive order blocking pharmacies from dispensing hydroxychloroquine to patients. Now, that was a direct attack on my patients and my practice. The reason why I say that is that I was the only one in the state at that time using that drug in that context…so I was forced to innovate. And I found on the NIH server data and peer-reviewed papers that showed a substance called quercetin together with Vitamin C functions as an effective zinc delivery system…

…But what happened was most people could not put the puzzle pieces together for several reasons. One, the different compounds or aspects to this approach were not all available in the same place. Number two, there are so many variants of zinc and Vitamin C and different dosing of D and different variants of D and different forms of quercetin and people could not effectively and in the right timeframe put the puzzle together that it would help them clinically.

So I was approached several times that I should make it easier for people by putting everything in one bottle. In the right dosing. So that’s exactly what I did. And it was consistent with my protocol – the one I had designed and felt that the dosing was appropriate…the price is comparable if you were to buy each ingredient separately. And people loved it because of the convenient, the access. And I think they felt better because it had my name on it…

TGP: What words of hope could you share with us?

DR. ZELENKO: …If you look at King David’s Psalms, in one of them he writes, “Turn away from bad. Do good and live”…

It’s a wonderful prescription for life…Do not give into the fear. Do not isolate yourself from the people you love. Because fear and isolation destroys the psychology of a human being. And finally, do not take the poison death shot. Do not choose to walk into a execution chamber and ask to be poisoned…if you’re in the higher risk category of patient, you should be on preventive, or what’s called prophylactic, anti-viral treatment to prevent you from getting COVID. And if you get COVID, because nothing’s 100 percent, then you have to start treatment immediately within the first few days of the onset of symptoms. And if you do those three things – turn away from bad. Do good. You will live.

So I’m actually very, very optimistic and hopeful about the future. I think we’re in a transition from a world that lives with the false narrative, with lies, with the suppression of God-consciousness. I believe we’re witnessing a metamorphosis – a transformation – from a state of slavery and exile into a world of revealed truth and godliness…


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