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anchor your spirit

Before electric lights and our fixation with time-pieces, middle-of-the-night “Between Sleeps” were well known, and beyond merely accepted, they were embraced and often highly creative periods. I am in one of those right now with my mind churning on the tumultuous future for all of us that is on the near horizon.

I will consider many bits of the converging “perfect storm” without slowing down enough to install links for my source material or itemize the assaults. I’ll get to those here over the next week or so, but for now am going more with a stream-of-consciousness big picture look.

First, the good news. Many who concentrate on connecting with the spirit world are talking and writing about the great light obliterating the long darkness our world has been under. The dark forces know they are losing, and that there is no scenario under which their long reign will survive the coming transition.

Like cornered animals, they are lashing out with everything they can muster. Our spirit talkers say that some of the worst the dark forces might wish to unleash will simply not be allowed by the higher powers who are in ascension at this time. That is only moderate good news as what will be turned loose on us will be supremely ugly.

Well, ugly as in detaching us from the world, culture, ways of life that we are accustomed to. On shaky ground: our money, our well-stocked grocery stores, our endless supply of tools, gadgets and gizmos, our long, healthy, soft lives, the easy way we have of needing so little community among our neighbors and much more that we spent our entire lives assuming as our birthright.

batten down the hatches

If those are suddenly jerked out from under us, where do we stand?

Most won’t.

Much more important than emergency food, power, supplies, defenses and such will be strong spirits and solid bonds with community. The human species does not work well as solitary individuals. Tribes, villages, extended families and other collections were a crucial part of our animal survival. I am confident that will be a key ingredient soon.

The other critical element will be spiritual. We must understand that our mortal vessels are temporary residences for our spirit beings as they travel through this particular existence. Take good care of that greater being while it is here. If you don’t buy that, make sure your one shot is a good one.

Those among the 85% who embrace one of the world’s four thousand religions, you know exactly what you must do. Make that bond as strong as you can and build your community connections within your church as solidly as possible.

Those with other cosmic connections need to make sure they are spending time strengthening their sinews. Those without better find something to hang on to.

Fasten your seat-belts, put your trays in an upright position …