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COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance

Dr David Martin PHD has provided for us an avenue to go after Fauci. Though his research of US patents filed over the years he has found all the documented and filed proof of chimeric research related to the development covid19, which is a bioweapon, and it’s consequent bioweapon jab that is being forced/coerced upon the people in the USA, including small children, as well as around the world. The multiple patent dates start back in 2002 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. According to the patent they identify it as an ‘infectious replication defective clone of ‘Corona virus’ In the comments below you will find the necessary links to evaluate this for yourself. You must contact your states Attorney General. This bioweapon causes: Heart Attack Pericarditis or Myocarditis Blood Clots/Stroke ADE Cancer Neurodegenerative disease Depleted Immune System Response The more bioweapons one has injected the greater your risk of severe injury or death, either immediately or over time. You can watch his presentation at this link (39 minutes) which explains the course of action that you can take: This packet that you send to your State Attorney General should also include Dr Martin’s explosive Fauci Dossier. Link: More background information here:

David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance

David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance


* SHARE * Clear Evidence Of Premeditated Biological Warfare *


– There is NO SARS Coronavirus 2
– There Is A Bioweapon Paid For By Anthony Fauci In 1999
– This Bioweapon Was Engineered To Destory Humanity
– There is NO Covid-19
– There is NO “Vaccine”
– Clear Evidence Of 5 Premeditated Felonies

David Martin


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    Excellent Presentation and I knew it was out there but was really hard to find. I am looking at the Fauci Dossier now. I will be sending a packet to my state Attorney General and the Governor. In fact I think I will send it out to the Attorney Generals of several states. Thank you.

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