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inflation report published

The USofA Department of Labor issued a report on 2021 price changes thus far. Most people see the cost of everything rising. “Everything is getting more expensive.”

I visualize the dollar and all other fiat currencies in the world going down. FAST. It is like being on an escalator going down. You can see the floors rising relative to your position, but you know they are not.

The squeeze is on producers to keep the majority of their customers from feeling the sticker shock. It cannot be helped as their costs are also rising as their dollars lose value just as fast as ours.

You cannot drop endless quantities of paper money out of helicopters without devaluing every single one of them. They become worth less, worth less, worth less, until at last they are worthless.

The Feral Reserve knows exactly what they are doing. This was the plan since they took control of our money in 1913. They sucked the value out of it, bought everything in sight and leave us holding the bag… or, more accurately, holding nothing at all.

Serfs, slaves and dead people. That is their vision for everybody who is not them.

The USofA Department of Labor just published their ‘inflation report’ for the first 10 months of 2021.

I charted it and threw in half of the two-year “Cost Of Living Increase” that the Social Security Administration is returning to retirees from the pool of money they forcefully extracted from us and our employers.

Look where their idea of a cost of living increase fits with our actual cost of living increase. We are doing fine … as long as we don’t do anything but rent a roof over our heads.