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FEMA Camps in front of your nose

Grand-scale commercial preppers that should make you nervous:

People are noticing, and documenting an interesting twist in Wal*Mart stores. Isles stocked full of MREs are cordoned off from customers.

Many of us have noticed and documented that Wal*Marts and other major shopping facilities could quickly be converted into forced detention camps. This is unfortunately not impossible.

I have not been inside one of those stores in a very long time, but others are documenting isles stocked full of emergency rations that are not available for sale. That is particularly strange for a retail store, but consistent with a FEMA camp model.

I mention this in case you think things cannot get worse.

– Ted –

“Strange Preps at Walmart: Entire Aisles of Food and Goods Sealed Off – “No Selling of These Items” – Added are Loads of Emergency “Survival” Food – Video

Certain Walmarts renting shipping containers to supplement storage capacity. Anticipating supply chain collapse and trying to plan for having goods to sell when they are not available wholesale? Read the tea leaves and finalize your own prepping.