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vaxxxed video hits

I set three killer vaxxxene videos to music because a sound track is required by my video hosting site Brighteon. I share them as a collection here because I want to refer to them on social media as a package.

Nowadays, when I run across good videos that I expect the censors to work at squelching, I download to my computer then republish at my Bitterroot Bugler Brighteon channel where I am reasonably confident they will remain available for truth seekers.

These three have attracted a lot of views in a short time, at least for a small-time publisher such as myself. I do my bit. If I helped one person it would be worthwhile, and I know I have done much more than that.

From top to bottom, the health care worker getting jabbed in front of a television camera to help sell more people on taking the toxic injection is particularly ironic as she drops to the floor, dying less than 24 hours later. Honest media would be all over that. Proof positive that lamestream is not your friend.

The sport-ball athletes dropping on the field of play is a scene replaying regularly now around the world. This is a small sampling of reported field-of-play collapses that result in permanent injury and/or death.

The disastrous ‘we are setting a good example’ event is a perfect pie-in-the face political stunt that should get much wider circulation than it does. I am working to rectify that. You can help by sharing every vaxxx failure as much as you can.

Sadly, we have to reconcile ourselves that the jabs are not for good health of the poked people, but for Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the globalist dream future as documented on The Georgia Guidestones. Our friends, families, neighbors and acquaintances will have their lives and/or humanity destroyed.

We cannot fix the jabbed ones. We cannot save them.

But we can help the remaining full-functioning humans to be knowledgeable enough, and strong enough to resist the pressures.

We are in a war and it is being fought right here.