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I predict a rash of MD suicides

America’s Frontline Doctors

Unlike the small percentage of medical practitioners who have joined together in Americas Frontline Doctors, their mainstream peers are cheerfully, perhaps grudgingly, but fershur lucratively participating in the mass injection program pushed by the globalists.

Most of them are living to witness the destruction this biological warfare is wreaking on the humans who accepted the false god of official unquestionable science.

Real science, by the way, is built upon questioning, challenging and rigorous proofs. Psychological operations, biological warfare and human population reduction programs, on the other hand, cannot withstand rigorous or even cursory challenges by those in the targeted groups.

While I have not seen the correct verbiage of the modern medical Hypocritic Oath, it must include prescribing to your customers whatever your pharmaceutical sponsors suggest. However, it would require an absence of humanity to not feel some bit of recrimination when your trusting victims die or are permanently disabled, destined for unpleasant handicapped existence until premature death relieves them of that.

What of the psychological impact on the bleeding edge in this war? How will the executioners feel when they realize what they have done?

A rapidly increasing stream of “fully vaccinated” are arriving in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices with previously rare, frequently fatal medical maladies. This is growing into a flood that the trusting hyper-trained monkeys cannot ignore.

Adding to their depression, many believed their own counselors and got themselves injected with this devil’s potion, soon to recognize the symptoms of their victims in their own bodies.

While I do not have the reputation of Carnac the Magnificent, I think I can safely predict an increase in MD suicides.